dearly departed

it will come as no surprise to those of you that know me in real life that i don't much care for violent movies. i can often be found turning my head away or covering my eyes like the sissy pants that i am. horror movies are something i can no longer even fathom, a genre completely lost on me and my wimpy ways. the only exception to all of this is gangster movies (and the occasional kurosawa).

i don't know why they appeal to me, but they always have. i suppose it is the attitude, or maybe the accents, but my teenage years were filled with them and with me fantasizing about growing up to be a gangsters wife. hard to imagine i know and yet still it is true. like many others of my generation reservoir dogs was probably my favourite, but goodfellas was only slightly behind. so when i heard that scorsese had finally won a directing oscar i was filled with glee. sure it would have been nice if it had happened earlier, preferably before he started making credit card commercials, but he deserved it after all these years.

then i saw the film.

i am not going to try and be jennica (although i do wonder what she thought of it) as i am not only lacking the wit, but alas the movie intellect as well. still, something ought to be said. some of you may remember my opinion about crash where i suggested that it was perhaps my high expectation that ruined the movie for me. in retrospect i was too kind. i won't make the same mistake twice. so please someone tell me, what exactly was the departed about and why is it i cared? i mean there wasn't even a bank robbery...sheesh. oh, and the rat scurrying along the ledge at the end was such a nice finishing touch, so subtle and "artistic".

in other unrelated news, i just read my last post and i want to clarify that "better" does not mean that here is bad, just different didn't sound right. i love where i am and how things are going, it is just taking some getting used to is all, the loss of one thing in order to find something new. this having faith in faith.

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