i am scared of heights, i'll take the bottom

well today ended up being better.

we phoned this morning...ok ok i should say marko phoned this morning because i am a chicken and didn't feel like dealing with conflict and the lady was more than accomodating, however, it was too late for it to make it onto the truck today. it will be delivered tomorrow and all will be fine.

in othe exciting news, we bought a matching bedroom set today. we had had our eye on one for awhile now and went last week to see if it was on sale, it was and we were going to go back today to get it and then we saw an ad for the the same set at the same place but it was one of those mention the ad get a special price things. so we bought it at a great deal and now we feel officially all grown up. well officially i suppose when we buy the custom sofabed in january. i am starting to think that having money is a lot better than not.

i just turned the radiator on in the bedroom and now it smells all musty like the cabin at the lake on the first long weekend in may. i suppose that is what happens when these things sit dormant for long periods of time. it is making my nose itchy though, i think i would rather sit in the cold.

oh and one last thing...this is mostly aimed at aaron and laisha. i know it takes a while to download but i never mailed the high quality one as we have something else up our sleeves that is bigger, better and well...worth the wait (maybe next week we will send this new and exciting thing off). so for now you can check this out.


like a hand out the window in the wind

what a crap day.

so we buy a new monitor for marko's computer on a one day online special through dell. we were going to buy one soon anyway and it was quite a deal at $400 off the listing price so who could refuse. we had been following the purolator tracking information online, anxiously awaiting our new and considerably bigger screen so that maybe while on holidays we could get in some good movie viewing.

well last night before bed the online system said estimated delivery would be jan 3rd, which is no good as we won't be around. we were hoping it would change as the week progressed. much to my surprise when i woke up this morning it not only said that it was on the truck for delivery today but that a delivery had already been attempted at 9:50 (when i was hanging out on the couch) and no one was available to receive. i was a little pissed i mean wtf right? but realized that they would come again later in the day and so remained calm. i cancelled my plans to go shopping for some new work clothes for marko and i and instead stayed and cleaned around the house all day. i didn't listen to music and had the tv low so as to ensure i wouldn't miss the delivery.

well 5 rolls around and i am thinking what is going on? maybe they won't come? marko had already gone out for coffee and they had left no note on the door downstairs indicating they had even come a first time so we were stumped. perhaps a clerical error?

but nope, it turns out that somewhere around 6 they updated the system and indicated that they had come again at 5:15 and still no one was home and that now...this is good...now it is available for me to go pick up in burnaby. i am super pissed off now. i cancel my plans, stay home all day waiting and then some wanker of a driver doesn't even come to my place and makes it up that he did?

the worst part came in the realization that i am still waiting for my sin card to come in the mail as my wallet was stolen back in november and these things take time, particularily around holidays (a whole other post). so no sin means no new drivers license which means no pick up. no exceptions.

so tomorrow morning i need to get up at 7 and call them and freak out enough to have them redeliver it. i need to stay home all day again and hope, just hope, that they actually show up this time. that is if i can convince them to come again (ha ha again!) at all. apparently even this is likely to cost me another $20.

so now i am all agitated and i am not sure i am going to be able to sleep. i think i will go watch some more random videos.

hope your day was better than all that.


happy holidays


oh that's good, yeah right there only harder (i am talking about scratching the cat, you are so dirty)

so i woke up this morning and had a little conversation with my cat and explained that although she may be sad that i am leaving her again this morning she can rest easy today knowing that i am home for the next 10 days. i don't think she believed me though as she tilted her head to the side and sneered. i don't blame her really, i mean i have been known to make stuff up just to appease her because my guilt becomes overpowering. oh well, she'll see. she certainly will. then we'll see whose the liar.

going for sushi in the village now, cause nothing says merry christmas quite like raw fish.


hating the sinner, as well as the sin

just when we thought that things couldn't get worse we turn the corner and find this.

i go home in exactly 9 minutes, which means only 7 more hours until my 10 day vacation. keeping my eye on the prize is what i like to call that.
i will write something later. for now watch this.


your life is large but your mind is lame, i can't believe my eyes.

well i woke up this morning hoping for a change in the scenery but nope it turns out people are still crazy.

in other exciting news i tossed and turned all night and now i feel a little like this. there is only another 4 hours to go....sigh. i wish that it wasn't 30 thousand degrees at my desk right now and that i was already on vacation sipping mango juice out of a hot pink straw.

not that i am going to be doing that. mostly i will be sitting around the house feeling bad that it isn't more clean and watching old episodes of cheers or seinfeld or some other overwatched, expired sticom...just don't let it be friends. but hey maybe i could splurge for the mango and hot pink..tis the season and all.

ok lame post, my excuse is somewhere up there (me pointing to the top). but so as to not leave you all utterly disappointed at my lameness you can look here. although that is kinda lame too.

better luck tomorrow i guess.


don't do anything just stand there and hold it

for those of you that have been meaning to travel, your chance has come.

i wish i could help you honey, but it just isn't your day.

so this morning i groggily dredge my carcass onto the express bus and plunk down in the first available seat. i have been having trouble lately with the standing on the bus, becoming overheated, prone to fits of panic and anxiety, sweating dizziness and well a whole host of other fun things. because of this I was glad to have a seat this morning. most of the people who got on with me did not. so there I am calmly trying to rest my eyes as the bus took me on my way when from the back of the bus i hear shouting.

at first it is more like loud speaking and it is far enough back that it is indecipherable, just an angry hum and a raucous. however, as the bus progressed so did the elevated voices and soon it became evident that some over sized woman (and by over sized I mean girth, height and head) felt jilted by a younger and obviously healthier model of female who “stole” her seat. the younger model was not interested in entertaining these accusations and remained silent, but this silence could only last so long before agitation, frustration and most dangerously pride took over and she began to shout back. "i did no such thing she said, it is first come first serve and i was here first" (a lesson for the ages, or so it would seem). "but what if i was pregnant how would you feel then", said the girthy woman. "just who the fuck do you think you are?" is the other's retort (at this point i think most of us were wondering the very same thing?...look lady it is seat!).

around now the bus grinds to a halt having reached it’s next destination. pulling over to the curb i realize that they are both getting out at the next stop. (and now we should all be saying..all this for a ride that lasted one stop?) this could get explosive. what will happen? this is two grown woman dressed in what appears to be professional clothes…so i ask myself is this Christmas rearing it’s dirty head? sure enough, not two steps off the bus and they start throwing down, the older, bigger one making the first move with a push and a shove and a shout. i remain in my seat finding it hard to believe that someone could muster so much energy at 7:30 in the morning, when I was barely able to stay in a vertical position in my seat.

the driver stayed for a minute, he seemed unsure what he should do. some people on the bus started laughing, a couple criticizing and then we pulled away from the curb. the women were left on the rainy dark sidewalk to fend for themselves.

as we rolled away i was feeling lucky that it wasn’t me, but couldn’t help but wonder what would i have done if it was?


i wonder if anybody here besides me has got any decent secrets?

big family dinner tonight at the rugby club. don't feel much like going but i guess that is to be expected. there is a certain amount of disconnect there and oftentimes i am dumbfounded by some of the dialogue that takes place. i guess that makes me a jackass. i guess we all have to be something.

at least the food is good and truthfully it is nice to have a big family and it is nice to get together, just not too often.

perhaps i will come back with pictures or at least a ridiculous anecdote.


you think you know who you are. you have no idea.

we watched crash tonight, not the cronenburg, you know the other one, the one from this year. all i had heard everywhere i went was how great this movie was, the word "profound" was thrown around on more than one occasion. i will admit i had high expectations. they were completely let down.

not that the movie was bad, it was average. but the thing that really hits a nerve with me about this movie is that is could have been really great. the idea had it all and even the execution with various stories converging was well thought out and appropriate. but the constant need to exaggerate a point, the out of touch non-reality in many of the situations and the over the top music which was clearly designed to pander to the masses and illicit some kind of sympathy deterred from the point. i needed it to be more clever. to capture me with it's subtlety and prove a point through the indirect, allowing me to reach certain conclusions on my own. there is nothing worse than a movie which insults my intelligence by telling me just when and what i am supposed to feel.

i know i am in the minority, but the truth is that i don't think this movie did racism justice at all, which is too bad cause it is a story that truely needs to be told. not in a way that makes us cry, not through hollywood tactics and star studded casts, but through thought and introspection. through making us understand the part that each of us plays, not just that of a few. a few who for the most part were unrelatable.

but i guess that is just my two cents.


why should i miss you? after all it has been so long, since i felt your kiss.

well well well, it looks like someone finally decided to show up. truth is i haven't been feeling much like saying anything lately and so i have refrained. but that doesn't mean i haven't been up to lots. in fact i went here and here . i haven't taken much video but hopefully soon i will be back to entertaining you with my mundane quasi-artistic efforts!

speaking of which, as promised i finished my gingerbread house

i was quite pleased considering i had never made one before.

well i have to get to sleep since i am a growing girl (and i know i know...i am huge there is no need to mention it!)

so that is all the stuff you asked for and i think even just a little bit more. i promise to start coming here more often and keeping all of you, near and far, in touch.

good night