you think you know who you are. you have no idea.

we watched crash tonight, not the cronenburg, you know the other one, the one from this year. all i had heard everywhere i went was how great this movie was, the word "profound" was thrown around on more than one occasion. i will admit i had high expectations. they were completely let down.

not that the movie was bad, it was average. but the thing that really hits a nerve with me about this movie is that is could have been really great. the idea had it all and even the execution with various stories converging was well thought out and appropriate. but the constant need to exaggerate a point, the out of touch non-reality in many of the situations and the over the top music which was clearly designed to pander to the masses and illicit some kind of sympathy deterred from the point. i needed it to be more clever. to capture me with it's subtlety and prove a point through the indirect, allowing me to reach certain conclusions on my own. there is nothing worse than a movie which insults my intelligence by telling me just when and what i am supposed to feel.

i know i am in the minority, but the truth is that i don't think this movie did racism justice at all, which is too bad cause it is a story that truely needs to be told. not in a way that makes us cry, not through hollywood tactics and star studded casts, but through thought and introspection. through making us understand the part that each of us plays, not just that of a few. a few who for the most part were unrelatable.

but i guess that is just my two cents.


Tara said...

You're back!!!!!! yayaya

So I shouldnt see this one eh? Is it worth it?

t said...

i don't know, tough call. a lot of people are hailing it as one of the best movies of the year and on imdb it is rated 63 in the top 200 films of all time, so i guess it is one of those eye of the beholder things. i wouldn't say don't get it. get it and tell me what you think...