i am scared of heights, i'll take the bottom

well today ended up being better.

we phoned this morning...ok ok i should say marko phoned this morning because i am a chicken and didn't feel like dealing with conflict and the lady was more than accomodating, however, it was too late for it to make it onto the truck today. it will be delivered tomorrow and all will be fine.

in othe exciting news, we bought a matching bedroom set today. we had had our eye on one for awhile now and went last week to see if it was on sale, it was and we were going to go back today to get it and then we saw an ad for the the same set at the same place but it was one of those mention the ad get a special price things. so we bought it at a great deal and now we feel officially all grown up. well officially i suppose when we buy the custom sofabed in january. i am starting to think that having money is a lot better than not.

i just turned the radiator on in the bedroom and now it smells all musty like the cabin at the lake on the first long weekend in may. i suppose that is what happens when these things sit dormant for long periods of time. it is making my nose itchy though, i think i would rather sit in the cold.

oh and one last thing...this is mostly aimed at aaron and laisha. i know it takes a while to download but i never mailed the high quality one as we have something else up our sleeves that is bigger, better and well...worth the wait (maybe next week we will send this new and exciting thing off). so for now you can check this out.


Arnold said...

Bunk beds! Niccce. I watched the clip you made. It's really cool. What software did you use? Have a Happy New Year!


Tara said...

Jeez you need a disclaimer on that link, or at least a "you may need tissue's" warning for the emotional wrecks in some of us. That first song has me crying everytime. Halfway through it is over, I pause, blow my nose, wipe my eyes, carry on looking at your beautiful family and boom! Maia's plate from BC, balling my eyes out again.

You have such a beautiful family, you can see the love in everyone's eyes. You are quite the photographer. Such wonderful memories.

Id love to do something like that and put it on disc, what do you use?

t said...

i used photoshop elements as it is easiest but you could also just use windows movie maker that comes with windows...it would just be slightly more labour intensive.

photoshop elements is a good one to have simply just to organize photos as well.

Susan Natalie said...

Hello! :)

Big e said...

Nice, there's nothing more to say.