like a hand out the window in the wind

what a crap day.

so we buy a new monitor for marko's computer on a one day online special through dell. we were going to buy one soon anyway and it was quite a deal at $400 off the listing price so who could refuse. we had been following the purolator tracking information online, anxiously awaiting our new and considerably bigger screen so that maybe while on holidays we could get in some good movie viewing.

well last night before bed the online system said estimated delivery would be jan 3rd, which is no good as we won't be around. we were hoping it would change as the week progressed. much to my surprise when i woke up this morning it not only said that it was on the truck for delivery today but that a delivery had already been attempted at 9:50 (when i was hanging out on the couch) and no one was available to receive. i was a little pissed i mean wtf right? but realized that they would come again later in the day and so remained calm. i cancelled my plans to go shopping for some new work clothes for marko and i and instead stayed and cleaned around the house all day. i didn't listen to music and had the tv low so as to ensure i wouldn't miss the delivery.

well 5 rolls around and i am thinking what is going on? maybe they won't come? marko had already gone out for coffee and they had left no note on the door downstairs indicating they had even come a first time so we were stumped. perhaps a clerical error?

but nope, it turns out that somewhere around 6 they updated the system and indicated that they had come again at 5:15 and still no one was home and that now...this is good...now it is available for me to go pick up in burnaby. i am super pissed off now. i cancel my plans, stay home all day waiting and then some wanker of a driver doesn't even come to my place and makes it up that he did?

the worst part came in the realization that i am still waiting for my sin card to come in the mail as my wallet was stolen back in november and these things take time, particularily around holidays (a whole other post). so no sin means no new drivers license which means no pick up. no exceptions.

so tomorrow morning i need to get up at 7 and call them and freak out enough to have them redeliver it. i need to stay home all day again and hope, just hope, that they actually show up this time. that is if i can convince them to come again (ha ha again!) at all. apparently even this is likely to cost me another $20.

so now i am all agitated and i am not sure i am going to be able to sleep. i think i will go watch some more random videos.

hope your day was better than all that.

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