20 weeks

i realized tonight that i don't yet have any belly pictures, not good. the poor kid isn't even born yet and they are already suffering from the second kid no pictures or videos syndrome. to make up for it i took this, the halfway point picture. 20 down, 20 (or 22?) more to go...
20 weeks



yes, no, maybe so?

here it is the middle of the week again, i have no idea where all the time goes? sorry for the slow update, but the short of it is that we went and baby looked great and there were no down's markers present (although this isn't a definite indicator of anything), plus we feel pretty certain we saw the female confirming three lines on the baby, although i wouldn't bet the farm on it or anything. the genetic counsellor did offer us the amnio, but the risks just seem far too great considering the odds of there being a problem, so we declined. i always had a good feeling inside and the older i get the more i have learned to pay attention to that, the results just confirmed what inside i think i already knew, the baby, right now, is fine.

i thought these pictures were great. the first one was taken at 8 weeks when we went for an early ultrasound to date the pregnancy.
8 weeks

this next one of the baby kissing the placenta was taken this week.
18 weeks

it is amazing to me that in 10 weeks a fetus can go from looking like a tadpole to a fully formed baby.

in other news cohen has been saying "yes" for awhile and will do it on command, but has not yet learned "no", his nanny sharing cohort dante on the other hand recently learned "no" and has yet to master "yes", so apparently today the two of them spent the day barking "yes!", "no!", "yes!", "no!" back and forth with arms flailing and feet scurrying. i don't know about you but i think that sounds pretty darn cute. makes me wonder why cohen learned yes first though? maybe he won't end up a pessimist after all.