maia's day

maia's day
at first i put five candles, but then marko said it didn't seem right, sadder somehow, a reminder of all the time that has passed without her. so one, a yellow one, the colour of stars in children's books, the sun, and the centre of daisy's. just one sitting there right in the middle, just as she does within me.

happy birthday to you, my little maia.


visit from old friends

there is nothing quite like it.

apparently ada is one of those people that have to be in every photo, who knew?




you only turn one once

i know that it would have been better to get a photo of her smiling, or looking at the camera, heck, even one without fingers in her mouth would have been ok, but alas she is not an easy one to photograph, so for now this will have to do. i am pretty sure it is more true to who she really is anyway. we are having some family over tomorrow, and we will eat cake, hopefully there will be plenty of smiles then!

i will also round up her monthly pictures before the weekend is up, so we can all take a walk down memory lane.

but since today is the day, happy birthday to you my sweet little ada!

one year