your life is large but your mind is lame, i can't believe my eyes.

well i woke up this morning hoping for a change in the scenery but nope it turns out people are still crazy.

in other exciting news i tossed and turned all night and now i feel a little like this. there is only another 4 hours to go....sigh. i wish that it wasn't 30 thousand degrees at my desk right now and that i was already on vacation sipping mango juice out of a hot pink straw.

not that i am going to be doing that. mostly i will be sitting around the house feeling bad that it isn't more clean and watching old episodes of cheers or seinfeld or some other overwatched, expired sticom...just don't let it be friends. but hey maybe i could splurge for the mango and hot pink..tis the season and all.

ok lame post, my excuse is somewhere up there (me pointing to the top). but so as to not leave you all utterly disappointed at my lameness you can look here. although that is kinda lame too.

better luck tomorrow i guess.

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Tara said...

I like your style.