why should i miss you? after all it has been so long, since i felt your kiss.

well well well, it looks like someone finally decided to show up. truth is i haven't been feeling much like saying anything lately and so i have refrained. but that doesn't mean i haven't been up to lots. in fact i went here and here . i haven't taken much video but hopefully soon i will be back to entertaining you with my mundane quasi-artistic efforts!

speaking of which, as promised i finished my gingerbread house

i was quite pleased considering i had never made one before.

well i have to get to sleep since i am a growing girl (and i know i know...i am huge there is no need to mention it!)

so that is all the stuff you asked for and i think even just a little bit more. i promise to start coming here more often and keeping all of you, near and far, in touch.

good night

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