i talk about it all the time, let's just drop it

i feel conflicted.

part of me wants to listen to angry music and scribble with brightly coloured markers all over large sheets of paper and part of me wants to listen to something quiet and depressing and lie in bed staring at the wall. either way the evening isn't panning out as expected.

the weather continues to storm as the windows shake and the hot water clanks through the pipes. the year has turned over into a new one filled with possibility and strength in it's renewal. my spirit is taking it easy today. the batteries in the recharger.

for the first time in a long time i can not think of one thing which i would resolve this year. things seem to be alright. or i have learned that what we are right now in this moment is good enough, as long as we are able to find a place inside where we feel ok. i do.

may this year bring with it everything which you are hoping. the world is a pretty tough place these days, it would be nice if something came easy for everyone, just this once.

happy new year.

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