it's wet and it's warm

so those more astute readers of this blog may find it interesting to see a picture of what appears to be familiar hands pouring a...what is that a...latte? in what appears to be a familiar kitchen. those of you would not be wrong.

this can only mean one thing.

i caved.


doesn't it look so good that you would almost give up a whole paycheque to have one?


a-one said...

have one ?!* - you two probably had at least two by now and with one less paycheck to pay for all the rest of em...you'll ummmm drink em lots, buttoms up!

Tara said...

But is it frothy?

Big e said...

You already spent my paycheque? Can anyone say taste better, less money.......not *tarbucks he he ha ha had enough of my own now to try and sleep mmm sleep would give a paycheque for more of that.......