whoever heard of a 9.5 hour silent film?

things that are making me say wha? or hmmmm today

1. would anybody dare?
2. i wish i knew how to quit you
3. this is going to be the optimus in cinematic experiences
4. i think i am a sosomeatatarian
5. this pretty much sums up my life, or at least the local weather

so i could comment on the election but then i suppose that is nothing new or surprising. still i cried for about a minute, well not really cried but there was condensation near the centre of my eye. who knows what the future will bring?

today on the bus a woman got on and she was wearing a hideous outfit. pink mini skirt with tassles hanging down and a pair of those boots that come up to the knee and have bunches and bunches of fabric that seems to swath the ankle and work it's way up. i was laughing in my head and thinking fugly

just then she turned around whilst talking on her cellphone (of course) and her ginormous backpack smashed me in the head. i think it was filled with rocks.

i was taught a lesson.
i guess now her and i are even

at least i wasn't dressed like 1983.

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Tara said...

Nice Baby Belly