i'm not the one you want babe, i'm not the one you need

i left work today around 2. i was meant to stay until 5 but it didn't work out. fatigue, headache and a general malaise paved the way for me to leave. i got home shortly before 3 and crawled in to bed. asleep within minutes i awoke just before 6 only to recollect a long and eleborate dream wherein i was at work answering phone calls and talking to co-workers on msn. i think this is some kind of cruel joke being played on me and i am not impressed. why can't i dream about winning the lottery or living in the woods sitting by a fire? why are my dreams either the same as my life or some sort of macabre nightmare involving rabid animals and locked doors? maybe i should eat chocolate before bed...my mom always said that would give me nightmares. maybe she got it all wrong.

i discovered tonight that i can make hot chocolate in our fancy new coffee thing-a-ma-jig. i was quite proud of my discovery but now in hindsight i can see that it was really a very elementary deduction. at least i don't have high expectations of myself.

tonight galena has been sleeping beside me in bed. when marko goes into the kitchen or walks by for any reason she immediately jumps down, he is clearly onto us but says nothing. but she will jump back up as soon as the coast is clear and resume her nap. she has jumped up and down some 12 times in the last 3 hours. i asked her if she was dizzy...she has yet to reply. i guess it has become her routine.

well time for my head to hit the hay...maybe now that i have said that i will dream about horses.

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