i wonder how many truckloads of money equals five minutes of catch with your dad when you were a kid?

the other night i was at a friends watching the fireworks, she lives right on the water, perfect view. planes were of course flying around in circles observing and boats were lined up in the harbour. it was an interesting perpective from where we were, it seemed as though the planes were actually flying into the fireworks when they completed their circle on the opposite side of us. of course we were aware that in fact the plane is likely quite far out but the conversation moved from there.

what do the fireworks look like from in the plane? what about in the boat? does it look different from a yacht then from a canoe? how about those on the beach, are they seeing what i'm seeing (literally perhaps but what about figuratively)? that homeless guy leaning against a log, what is it he sees? i bet it's not as pretty as what i saw, but maybe i'm wrong, maybe for him it looked better, or exactly the same. it is an interesting concept that by changing your point of view you change your world. like you and i, a couple of disenfranchised youth (humour me, i know we're getting old) who see the world as this kind of tumultous pit of dispair, but would we feel different in the yacht? or in the plane? it is a very difficult question to answer. i suspect it isn't surroundings but experience that changes the view, but are they not intrinsicically connected?

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