nine months

have you ever wondered what a day with cohen is like? if you have then today is your lucky day! as a way of celebrating his nine month day i bring you "a day in the life of..."

today we woke up late, close to nine actually. well ok, maybe that is when i woke up. cohen and i have a little deal going where i put toys in his crib and open the blinds so that he can play/ stare out the window while i get another forty five minutes. it doesn't happen all that often, but sometimes i just need a little more time!

so we woke and ate breakfast which today was a slice of toast with cream cheese cut into bite size pieces, half a banana cut into chunks and four grapes peeled and sliced. i love this kind of breakfast because all i have to do is put it in front of him and he does the dirty work himself. this allows for me to make tea and eat cereal, oh and watch him with amusement.

(i would have a picture here if i thought of doing this earlier today and had taken one).

after breakfast there was about half an hour of playing and then nap time. on a good day the nap lasts an hour and a half. today it was closer to forty five minutes.

then we were up and dressed and out the door. our adventure took us to science world for the first time where we bought a membership, and then went in and played for an hour. i regret not going sooner, there is so much for little ones to do (and way more for the older kid set). he had a great time watching all of the other kids and crawling around playing with foam blocks and mirrors. there were a lot of kids there and so it is certainly not a quiet day activity, but it was a ton of fun none the less.

next up was a walk back home to get changed and relax for an hour before heading out to meet our friend dreena for lunch. we decided to go to locus up at main and 25th, thankfully cohen slept the whole walk there and for the first twenty minutes in the restaurant. then we enjoyed some potato bread and soup of the day (roasted onion apple) together.

afterwards we meandered back down towards home stopping at the consignment store where we scored a pair of see kai run shoes, which i have always admired but thought outrageously priced. the ones we got hardly looked used at all and were half of what they are new, an opportunity i couldn't pass up. besides, i think it is about time he had a pair of walking shoes to help him on his way! we also picked up some fleece from the fabric store so that i can attempt a stroller blanket. then we were home.

next up? playing in the corral while i got dinner ready.

then dinner.

then a bath.

then a story.
and now bed.

my day will be finished with some amy's broccoli pot pie and a beer and hopefully watching this and this.

now be honest, you wish we could switch jobs, don't you?

i will leave you with a video of cohen demonstrating his newest milestone, standing on his own (albeit for only a second). have a good weekend!

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laish said...

that sounds like an awesome day! I look forward to having days like that soon...mind you, I won't have Main St. to peruse & will have to drive our version of Science World, Exploration Place, but nonetheless. Uh, can I call first dibs on those shoes once he grows out of them?!