i'm gonna brush her mane and feed her sugar cane

saturdays often mean a trip to the salvation army up the street. it is true that i also sometimes go during the week, if i happen to be passing by or am looking for something in particular, but on saturdays i go alone. once cohen is down for his morning nap i set out for a coffee and some thrifting. today i was hoping to acquire some new pots for some plants that i have been meaning to repot for oh ummmm about two years now. surprisingly there were no pots to be had, so i got a pony instead.

he may not look that happy although in a certain light i swear he looks like he is about to smile. i assure you though, he loved that thing and immediately knew how to rock him self back on forth on it. of course it only took him about half a minute to realize that the handles would be good to chew on, but that is okay as i gave it a good scrubbing when i got home. the big question was, how would he get out of it?

the answer was this, which was much more fluid and gentle then the picture shows, it was afterwards when he tried to climb back on and ended up stuck straddled half way across when things got ugly.

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Mathias (and my entourage) said...

You are so good going to the Sally Ann. Have you checked out the Cloverdale kids swapmeet yet? Bargains are to be had!!! Check out this website for swapmeets all over town www.kidsvancouver.com/index_swapmeets.htm I got Mathias the Fisher Price rollarounds Dinosaur for 10$! Can Mathias have a new playmate? We should get together sometime!