oh mr sun, sun, mr golden sun, please shine down on me

what a wonderful day! the sun finally came out from behind those huge wet clouds and for several hours in a row the sky was blue. it was the sort of day when everyone is so joyous for the change that they wear inappropriately summery clothing while their teeth chatter in the shade. cohen and i, although not wearing summery clothing, ventured to the park and put a blanket down (who cares if it is still damp, ok wet, the sun deserves a blanket). our basking was short, but incredibly satisfying none the less.

i wish i had pictures to share with you, i had the camera, but cohen had plans of his own. unlike the last time we put a blanket down, this time he was on the move. what is that green stuff growing after the blanket? wow, is that dirt? isn't spring great mom? so there were many pictures taken of him crawling away with his head down. i don't blame him, this may be the only day we get of it for weeks, who has time to look at the camera when there is an entire world outside waiting for us to explore?

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laish said...

now that's the kind of spring I'm talking about, the kind of spring I miss! I'm glad I can enjoy it vicariously through you & Cohen. Bask away, I say, bask away!