rubber ducky you're the one

tonight i am bringing you another video, a little lazy i know, but still who doesn't like a video now and then? this time it is cohen enjoying his bath. the original clip was over eight minutes, which was even too much for me and i am his mom, so to make it easier on us all i gave the clip a large dose of caffeine and this came out. pay attention to the splashing (the floor became a small lake by the time we were done) and cohen's constant need to be in motion, it is really quite amazing how little he actually sits still.


Tara said...

Where you dodging the water? LOL that was so funny.. I think its time for the big tub now.. he's a little mover!

Kleja said...

Speed bathing! I wish I could do that when I've hit the snooze button a few too many times. Very cute and funny!