pearly white and quite alright

here it is, as promised one more photo of the little man, this time with teeth! so what do you think? does it make him look older, feistier, more able to eat a sirloin?

this one is for marko. he says that i only ever post pictures of cohen smiling and laughing which is how he is most of the time, but of course not all the time. so here he is soggy eyed and whiny, looking to be rescued from the perils of nap time.

speaking of nap time, it was only twenty minutes later when i came in to check on him and found him hanging out.

so that is a little of what we have been up to, that and finally repotting the plants and doing some serious spring cleaning. there have also been walks in the sun and family get togethers, but we will save those for another time.

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Tara said...

Even with the soggy eyes he is the most adorable little boy.