ah hey ma ma ma

we're back! did you miss us?

i have spent the better part of the evening weeding through over 450 pictures to come to a final number of 225 that passed the keep test. of those i have fixed up and deemed flickr worthy around 80. the task has been arduous and my back is now throbbing under the weight of my poor posture. what i am saying is, this may be brief.

let's do the 11 o'clock highlights version of the trip, shall we?

we had a wonderful time on our northern vacation! there was snow and of course snowsuits. there were beers in the sauna and walks to the park. we went swimming and took naps and in between did lots of eating (mmmm birthday cake). then we flew home over the mountains and bid adieu to our lovely northern home.

as usual, for all the pictures go here.


Kleja said...

Yes, I did miss you!
Welcome home and thanks for the photos. I love the one of Cohen swinging. He looks very please to be in a northern park. It almost looks as though he's hanging from one of the trees.

Tara said...

Welcome Home... Great Photo's...

When is your SIL due? She looks great!

I cant wait for the long version of the trip... Off to finish all the pictures =)

Anonymous said...

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