tuesday night fever

this is maude, she was supposed to be a rabbit, but somewhere in the seams she became something slightly off kilter. marko thinks she looks like a tree branch, but it could be the fabric that is throwing him off. either way, she seems to like the 70's and disco and can often be found hiding behind books shaking her tail button. she is on her way to spokane (where i hear disco is still all the rage), that is if the good people of spokane are willing to take her in?


Tara said...


m said...

LOVE her! She's even more adorable in person.

Kleja said...

oh I love her to death!
Love love love the fabric and the eyes and the name and the tail button!
Thank you T!
ps. disco is alive and well in spokane, along with mullets and large trucks

t said...

oh i am so glad you like her! could you please send me your address so that i can buy her a plane ticket, she is anxious to travel.

Kleja said...

Sent to your gmail account.

Did you get your bag yet? I mailed it last week.

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

I wish I was as crafty and creative as you! Love the stuff you make....Mathias wants a stoller blanket toooooo!