tackling mediocrity one project at a time

so it is done and i don't think it will fall apart the first time i wash it! below is the finished stroller blanket. i was looking for something that

a. wasn't some pastel baby pattern
b. could be attached to the stroller (as cohen loves to kick off his blanket)
c. was warm
d. had a bird (because really, everything should have a bird)

so i bought 200 polartech fleece and some corduroy (the fabric that is commonly known to make me swoon) and made this complete with snaps to fold the bottom half up and make a pocket for little feet and the straps to fasten it to the stroller, plus it has three buttons! buttons and birds, it almost makes the hand stiching irregularities unnoticeable. almost.

excuse the strange expression on his face, it is somewhere between a sneeze and a smile...a smeeze?

so now the machine is away for another week, but i do plan on attempting a creature for klay who made me this amazing bag. i am filled with ideas, we will see how they translate to product (practice makes perfect, right? although i am starting to think sewing lessons might be more useful).

in other news, cohen has two white edges poking through his lower gums, finally! one of which has broken skin and the other just taunting right under the surface. this means that soon i will be able to bombard you with toothy grin photographs, and if there is one thing we need more of it is photographs of cohen (to add to the well over 1000 i have already....seriously).

i have more to say about daycare and nannies and all of that stressful stuff, but that will get it's own post i think, this one already has too many words. have a good night!


Kleja said...

Ooooh, how lovely. Very nice bird indeed and I love the color combo.
Cohen is stylin' with his new shoes and special blanket.

m said...

It's gorgeous! Medocrity my ass!

(Also, I think Cohen's expression is less a smeeze and more a "I love my blanket" grin.