and now back to our regularly scheduled program

alas we woke to rain again today. it was to be expected i suppose, yesterday simply a treat for all our good behaviour these last three weeks. truth be told i don't even mind the rain, and in fact when pressed as to what i missed the most when i lived in toronto the answer would have invariably been the rain and the ocean. when i was just a me, the rain meant staying in bed with a cup of tea reading a book or watching a movie, the sound of the drops hitting the pain lulling me into a peaceful moment. since cohen doesn't yet drink tea or read (we're working on it!), and can only contain himself for three minutes of peaceful moments at a time, the rain means restriction (yes i have a rain cover for the stroller and i really should be more motivated to step out into it, maybe i will, but it is the lazy rainy day me that resists).

still, the rain seems to make him a little more sleepy, a little more willing to lie his little head down (and stick his butt in the air, feet firmly tucked underneath) for a nap. yesterday he wouldn't. nap that is. thirty minutes in the morning, thirty-seven in the afternoon and then bedtime came like a hurricane, so much twisting and screaming. he eventually did settle, only to wake one hour later and then after that one more hour. thankfully he settled easily each time, a pat on the head and a whispered i love you seemed to be enough. sometime around six this morning he woke again and seeing the rain i decided to pull him into bed with us. we didn't wake up again until nine. this wouldn't happen on a sunny day. after breakfast we went down to the coffee shop in the bottom of our building and sat right by the window watching all the people hurrying by, umbrellas in hand. all the smiling and clapping and grey tired him out, and he is morning napping right now. as for me? i have had so much sleep i feel slightly giddy (and hopefully a little crafty). so there may not be sun today, but things are still pretty bright around here.

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