you're either lost or you're found there's not much in between

i am procrastinating, big time. i know, i know, how can a stay at home mom be procrastinating? it mostly involves the entire contents of our bedroom closet strewn all over the floor/bed/rocking chair and a pile of laundry as big as everest blocking the door into the bathroom. i don't want to do it. i want all the stuff to magically float into the closet and organize itself and for the laundry to piss off. so instead of crawling into bed (where there are no sheets right now) and watching arrested development (will i ever get to finish season 2??) i am writing this in the middle of the rubble. i like to call that compromise.

so what is with the pictures you ask? well it turns out cohen is "that kid from the peanuts" as marko has been prone to saying. he is all about the blankie. he likes to sleep with it covering his entire head and he plays with it tucked nicely up against his ear. he sucks on it, kisses it and in general lays a lot of love on it, or i should say them, since he is not yet blanket specific. i don't know if i should be concerned? he seems aware of it and in fact when i move it away from his face he moves it back, in his sleep, like a robot programmed for just such an action. i think he's alright. maybe he just likes the feel of flannel and really...who can blame him?

or maybe he is just sick and tired of looking at this mess...sigh.


Tara said...

that is so cute... my brother was like that, and I am sure still is... He loves to have the blankets right over his face. Me im happy with them at my waist or chest.

Dont worry about the laundry, it isnt going anywhere, go play with the cutie pie =)

t said...

yeah it isn't the laundry that is causing me grief really, it my feeble attempt to re-organize that has left our room in shambles. i wouldn't even care about that so much if it wasn't for marko's mom's arrival on monday.

have fun in mexico! do you leave tomorrow?? i bet there is no laundry in mexico : )

Tara said...

Oh awesome that Marko's mom is coming for a visit.. that will be fun fun fun

No laundry in mexico... not for me anyway, but I will come home with a pile and Im sure Phil will have a nice pile waiting for me as well..LOL

I leave friday! yaya