sixteen weeks

earlier when i posted the animation of cohen playing the piano it was a more a joke than anything. it was new, the piano, and we thought it was funny that he was interested. it seemed like he was making the connection between hitting the keys and the sounds, yet it also seemed too early for him to really be getting it. still it made for funny animation and afterwards we joked about our baby the maestro.

but the thing is, and i know he is not unique in this at all, i think he might actually be playing the piano. is that a crazy notion? i guess it is. but almost everynight him and his dad sit down in front of that keyboard and he gets this look on his face, this serious "i mean business" look as he fervently bangs away at the keys. it has gone from being a bit of a joke with us to an actual question, do you think?

well we won't make any judgments too soon, after all it is just banging done by a baby, but maybe over time this video will be worth something? for right now though it is only worth a laugh. enjoy!

p.s. thanks to marita for inspiring me to open a youtube account and make this video sharing easier on everyone!


Tara said...

That is clearly the beginning of Mozarts Allegro con spirito... You have a little maestro on your hands... Roll with it!

m said...

It's fantastic! It will be great when we get ours and see what sort of duet Cohen and Atticus will compose.

It's funny that you've gone to YouTube because I was going to ask you how you did yours.

t said...

thanks tara! although aren't musicians moody and tempermental? maybe i should rethink this whole thing.

m - i was just hosting the files on our server (we have a website that we use to host things like photos, videos etc) and then linking to that. it takes so much longer to load than youtube though and if someone doesn't have quicktime then they can't see it.

i can't wait until they are dueting, especially on a real piano! maybe we should dress them up like a lounge act? or cowboy ghost bears...you decide.

m said...

maybe cowboy ghost bears could be their lounge act?

Tara said...

arent we all moody and tempermental at times? LOL