things seem brighter on the other side

today was a good day! we woke up early and headed out to the aquarium with cohen. we had always talked about getting an annual membership, thinking it would make sense when he is older, but lately he has been taking a keen interest in our tank at home and so we thought we would take him and see. turns out he loved it and i am really starting to wonder if he wasn't a fish in a previous life. get him anywhere near water and he is all giggles. we had joked about him being an oceanographer when he was still on the inside and there was some banter about a deep sea diver, little did we know just how interested he would be in both those things. now i know you are saying it is a little early to tie him down to a profession and you may be right. still i think this is something that is worth nuturing.

so what about the big fish and the mammals, did he freak out? suprisingly he didn't. well maybe not all that surprising since he doesn't truely have a comprehension of it yet but when enormous fish came within 6 inches of his face through the glass he mostly just stared in awe. the only exception would be the beluga whales. he still stared in awe, but with a mildly concerning look on his face. i think it was me telling him that they eat babies for breakfast that did it though.

so now we have a membership and it is only one bus away so i think we will start going more often. it was fun to try and take pictures (although quite challenging with the low light) and to watch all the people. but mostly it was just great to see cohen laughing and exploring and seeing all of these new things for the first time. there is such a big world out there to see. i love showing it to him, one fish at a time.


m said...

That's it. Next time you go, we're tagging along.

t said...

i am going to hold you to it! i think you should get a membership as well and then we can go frolic in the park more often together : )