if i was your best friend, i'd want you 'round all the time

so we've been sick. it started with cohen last weekend. he had a runny nose and then a bit of a cough. his temperature went just over 38.5, but then it went down and his cough subsided and the nights went back to being filled with sleep and the world was better. then i got it. it hasn't been terrible, mostly just stuffed up and achey. i think the worst was that tonight at dinner i thought my roasted purple potatoes were bland, despite having roasted garlic and onions in with them. i didn't understand. but then marko went and got me a mocha from joes downstairs and it didn't taste like anything either and while he was gone i leaned in to cohen to smell his freshly washed hair and smelled nothing. now i get it. stupid cold.

i am not sure if there have been pictures of atticus on the blog before. surely i have mentioned him but i think until now his mug has been left off the page. atticus is the son of my friend marita. marita and atticus (and kevin) live in our building just one floor up and atticus has quickly become cohen's best friend. the four of us go on long walks together at least once a week and just recently we started doing a babysitting exchange. i take the boys one morning a week and marita the another. i think we were both a little nervous about having two monsters to look after but it didn't take me long to realize that i had nothing to worry about.

so far it has been nothing but fun for me. oh sure there are moments when they both cry at the same time and you don't know who to pick up. usually i just start dancing like a clown when that happens and then they both stop to stare at me with disdain. i suppose that isn't exactly true, atticus, as it turns out, happens to be very fond of loud beat driven music accompanied by a crazy lady dancing. i wonder if it makes him think of his mom? they like to share toys and laugh and poke each other but mostly i just think they like the company and the mom's...well they like the time to themselves once a week. it is nice when things work out like that. i look forward to watching these two grow together. who knows maybe one day they will dance along with me and we will all be clowns together. i can't wait!

*i just now realized that atticus has been here before. how could i forget?


m said...

I dance like a crazy lady for Atticus all the time. I'm glad it works for you, too. He's partial to jazz hands and big arm movements. I hope this doesn't mean he's going to be into Musical Theatre.

I'm loving it, too. I'm glad it's working out so well for us!

m said...

p.s. Sorry about passing Atticus's cold on to you. Hope you're feeling better!