i thought we were in the trust tree in the nest, were we not?

so today we went to stanley park with my brother elton and my two nieces reidun and kyla. earlier in the day the weather was wet and windy and the possibility of a nice walk seemed unlikely but then the clouds parted and the sun came out, so off we went. cohen got to hang out in the backpack carrier for the first time and loved being up high looking out at everyone. we walked through the trees and then by the water, it was a really great day! one thing worth noting is that we saw 8 raccoons in the park, something i found more than a little disheartening given the large number of small children running loose on the trails. it seemed to me that the city has a problem on their hands. the raccoons weren't scared of humans in the least.

due to all the excitement cohen didn't get his early or late afternoon nap today.
normally he would sleep in the stroller or front carrier when i take him out but today he was too entranced by all he could see that he wasn't interested in sleep. he was quite grouchy on the ride home and fell asleep almost immediately upon our return at 6. his bedtime is usually 8. it is 8 now and he is still napping. i am hoping this means he is asleep for the night but something tells me he might wake in a bit and not fall asleep for awhile. routines are important, especially for ones so little. we will see how it all plays out. wish me luck!

tonight is a big night around here. it is our last night without marko's mom here. she arrives tomorrow night for a month long visit. it is going to be exciting for cohen to meet his baka for the first time! he is the first grandson so i know it is going to be quite an emotional scene at the airport, it should be great. so marko and i are both spending time doing that which brings us smiles. for me that means a dark chocolate toblerone and old school on the laptop (and did you know that meredith from grey's anatomy is in old school???). for marko it is battlestar gallactica and sour worms. for cohen, it hopefully means lots and lots of sleep!

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