i'll tell you one thing, it's better when we're together

so today was all about the park. cohen and i went for a walk with the other two mom's in my building, aja and marita and on our way back we stopped at a park to swing on the toddler swing. atticus was an old pro but it was a new thing for fin and cohen. this picture is a little misleading. i took it moments after he got in the contraption and then i put the camera down and pushed him and made funny faces as he approached me over and over and over. he giggled the whole time. it was great. here he looks uncertain and slightly menacing which when coupled with gushingly (i made that up, you like?) happy makes for the perfect menage of emotions. the world continues to be his oyster, only less fish and in this case more metalic and plastic.

now i will bombard you with other cute pictures of people that are not cohen.

aja and fin trying to look nonchalant for the camera

atticus displaying his best "higher mommy higher" eyes

marita and atticus, don't they look happy?

"look at me, no hands!" fin chillaxin in the swing

i bet you wish you were with us, don't you?

the rest of the photos from today can be found here.


Kleja said...

I do wish that :)

m said...

Now we just need to find a playground that has more than one of those swings. Three in a row would be super cute.

laisha said...

I do wish I were there too! Here in PG it's been snowing all morning so if I'm lucky I may see some wee ones waddling around in snowsuits!

m said...

Snow! Waddling babies! Sounds great. Wish I was there, too.