there were three little monkeys jumping on the bed

so i did it, i waded through the mess and came out the winner. the clothes are clean, the sheets are fresh, the closet clean, the garbage has been taken out and so has the recycling and clothes for goodwill. it took all day and most of tonight but i managed to talk myself into the task. as i sit here amongst clean sheets i am thinking about how the state of my house affects my mood. when it is disheveled i feel anxious and tired, depressed and completely unmotivated. but when things are clean and in their place i feel this great calm, i am more creative and at ease. it is a tough equation though, since it is mostly messy and when it is messy i am too depressed to clean. i think there is an analogy for life in there somewhere. but enough talk about clean, let's talk more about cohen, who is currently fast asleep in his crib.

this is big news around these parts, him sleeping in his crib that is. we have been co-sleeping since the beginning, him tucked in by my side, the smell of his freshly washed hair lulling me to sleep. oh don't get me wrong, we did try and get him into his crib, which is beside our bed, a few times, but each time it just seemed like more hassle then it was worth. he woke more often, had a tougher time getting to sleep and just seemed less happy. so was i. but about a month ago we started on a schedule, nighttime and nap times come like clock work now and his ability to occupy two thirds of our already too small bed is starting to get old so we thought it might be a good time to try him in his own bed again. much to our pleasing he took to it and fell asleep without problem. he doesn't wake more often and falls right back to sleep after his midnight snack. it is working out well. so now we all have a little place of our own to sleep and there are no more legs and ankles and necks hanging off the bed.

still, it feels a little empty in there without him.


Tara said...

You must be the greatest mom of all time because Cohen is ALWAYS such a happy smiley little guy... He must constantly be laughing at your silly dancing and Im sure goofy song singing... Hes such a cutie...

Great job getting done with all the laundry, must be nice with your two in one machine... I have to get the winter gear out, Im dreading it

m said...

I'm still working on the bed to crib transition. I bring him to bed when he wakes up, but those first few hours of only two people in the bed is heavenly. So much room!

t said...

thanks tara! he is pretty happy, i feel very lucky to have him as my son (in case that isn't obvious..lol)

m, that is how cohen was when we first tried to transition him and then when we brought him into bed he would kick and gigggle and cause general mayhem and so i stopped. it was such a hassle. i think it is him finally being in a pattern of sleeping that is helping for us. we'll see if it continues to be this good?