we did the mash, we did the monster mash...

well it looks like this post is going to be heavy on the photos again but i am sure you don't mind...right? this afternoon cohen and i and three of my mom friends, marita, aja, and thea all headed with our costumed babes to the mt. pleasant community centre for a little community fun. we had all been wondering just where it was that mom's of babies take their too - young - to - understandlings on halloween? the answer is turns out is the community centre.

this particular outing took a little bit of letting go of the cool to appreciate as there were puppets and singing, lots of singing and some more puppets and little toddlers swaying to the beluga song (no not that beluga song but another equally as riveting one). it was an enormous helping of the dish i have come to refer to as "i am a mom now". but cohen loved it. his eyes lit up (although these pictures don't really do it justice) as he watched the kids dance and the university student/singing troup girls do their thing (with the puppets). maybe it was because their shtick was songs about fish and the sea or maybe it was just all the excitement but he had fun, lot's of it. so how could i not? as aja said, this reminds me of what halloween is supposed to be.

i am assuming she meant candy...right?

here are some more pictures to check out. the rest of them are here

my friend thea's daughter mary jane in her zebra costume, she is very serious about halloween!

marita holding cohen so that i can get a picture, even big and fuzzy, his hand is yummy

cohen using his tail as a third leg for stability...look mom, i'm sitting!

atticus and cohen trying to figure out if they like the "entertainment", at first all the commotion was puzzling i think

thanks to marita for suggesting this angle!


p said...
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m said...

Again, great photos, T! I guess the ones I took of you and Cohen didn't turn out?

I'm starting to realize that any coolness I might have once possessed will no longer be in play for the next few years. There is an earnestness and simple joy that young ones love that has no room for hipness, irony, or coolness.

t said...

maybe we can take the simplicity and make it ironic? as for the photos, they turned out alright, i am just too self conscious to post them as i think i look terrible in them. how very girl of me, i know.

p- i am sorry to have deleted your comment, i don't mean anything bad by it. i just don't want to start something here, as this is a blog about my son. i hope that makes sense. thanks.

p said...

Not offended at all. I see your point.
take care

p said...

ps. we have number 4 on the way. my wife is due on Dec. 30th. really excited

t said...

congratulations to you and your wife, four is quite ambitious indeed!