there're no words to say, no words to convey this feeling inside that i have for you

cohen plays piano

5 things cohen has taught me

1. the reason most baby clothing is pastel is because lighter colours show the saliva and curdled milk that seems to constantly come out of a babies mouth less (see picture above).

2. whenever you are about to change a diaper it is imperative that you wait 5 more minutes. this will avoid the inevitable pant filling that occurs without fail the moment the clean diaper is on (well on a good day it is on, on an average day it is not quite on yet which is another lesson all on it's own).

3. just like dogs babies sense things, if you are thinking "please settle down and fall asleep" he will know and do the opposite. always act like it doesn't matter if he falls asleep, or better yet act like you want him to stay awake and he will be out like a light within minutes.

4. that just because someone is small it doesn't mean they take up less space. i now know that it is important to stake your claim on the bed early, left too long one is liable to be shoved out to the edges with one leg and half a cheek sticking out precariously, an arm clutching the headboard and praying that you don't fall off in the night. but whatever you do don't wake the baby for more room, see number 3 for more detail.

5. and lastly, that whether you like it or not there will come a day when every new mother exclaims that she never knew love could feel like this, that her heart could feel so full with a joy so great it can't be measured in words. to steal a paragraph from ayun halliday that i first read on debaucherous and dishevelled and loved:

"I love you the way I loved my boyfriends, if memory serves, except I know I won't find you boring and offensive in a year and a half. I love you the way I loved them at one o'clock in the morning, when I pedaled my bicycle through the dark streets of Chicago, my skin electric with anticipation after an eight-hour shift in the restaurants where I worked. I love you the way I loved them before I got to know them, before I met their parents and grew weary of their casual farting. I love you like I loved the one with the beautiful hands and calfskin jacket, but more.......I love every inch of your body. Your breath is pure banana. I am completely infatuated."

if i could write like that, it is exactly what i would have said and it's true, i do.


libragal said...

did you know that today, when you were dealing with the flowers and i was talking with cohen in the bedroom, among the random impossible-for-babies tasks that i always ask him about during our conversations, today, today of all days, i chose to ask him whether or not he could play the piano yet?!? and now you go and show me that he can. please pass on my apologies for having doubted him.

Ayun said...

dang fine looking baby you got there
and i love that name! (we flirted w/ naming inky "citizen")