drive until you lose the road

so we are back home now. cohen did really well on the plane, much to my relief. it made me realize just how stressful it would be to travel on a long plane ride with a child though. perhaps if both parents are there it would be slightly less panic filled. as i have mentioned before, babies are like dogs in that they sense things and i knew that if i was stressed out then he would pick it up and be stressed as well. so i tried my best to be calm. which, when you are afraid of flying, is a little like trying my best to not breath, it works for a short time but eventually you need to gasp for air. it went off without a hitch though, despite my inability to remain calm. he continues to amaze me by rising to the occasion whenever i need him too. i am so lucky.

it was so great to get out of the city and see and smell the trees again, especially now that is is autumn and all of the leaves are changing colours in the north. whenever i am away from the city i try and remember why i am there to begin with. i guess the same reasons we all are, work, culture, necessity. i know deep down though i am not a city girl. there is such a calm in me when i am away. maybe one day we will have enough money to buy a little cabin in the woods somewhere, a little skylight in the roof where i can lie and stare at the heavy branches dropping their needles on me. a personal battery recharger i suppose. until then i will have to live with my small getaways.

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