say hello and wave goodbye

i had intended to come on here and document our camping adventure through words and pictures, and i will very soon, but not now. now i am not in that place, the place where one can recount with good humour and gladness a time that was filled with adventure and laughs. right now i am sitting with a heavy heart. right now i am filled to the brim with the sort of sadness that makes you crawl under the covers and wait. anxious and sick, mournful and slow. aching. this sadness isn't mine to own though, i didn't know him that well. for me it is the sadness of an entire communities loss, of a shared families pain. it is the sadness of all that he left behind. but mostly the sadness of knowing that everything ends one day. even the things you never thought would.

the sun was shining hard on the earth and the heat warmed our backs as we said goodbye this morning, but it was the presence of each other that warmed our souls. i feel grateful for the here and the now and for all of the little things in my life that i take for granted. it is hard to be appreciative the way we should be, but i promise to try.

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