i love paris in the winter when it drizzles

i am a walking zombie. my feet feel like lead and my head kind of woozie. like i have been drinking without any of the positive side effects, like a bubbling personality and an urgent need to be clever. quite the opposite in fact.

so this is what it feels like to be a new parent. i was wondering. now that i know can i go back to being the other way? you know the way where i sleep and he sleeps and we wake refreshed and ready for our morning latte and the newspaper.

cause the last three days we have been completely out of sync and i am not sure how much more i can take. he is falling asleep now and so i am going to go do what all of the baby books told me to, but until now i have ignored and sleep when the baby sleeps. tomorrow i will go find the book that tells me how to make him sleep when it is convenient for me.

*flowers for pictures courtesy of catriona, my soon to be parisian friend

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