come and do drawerings with me

there are so many questions that come out of this drawing done by my neice reidun. like for instance why are my legs so long? i give her bonus points for making me orange, i think that means she has been paying attention, but does she think i look like a model or is that i am too overbearing, constantly standing over her? let's hope for the former. also why did she make her own hair so dishevled, is it some kind of statement that she doesn't believe in hairbrushes. but most importantly, has she been watching south park, because cohen sure does look a lot like kyle's adopted canadian brother ike .

of course this could just be a drawing with little or no meaning done by a four year old to pass the time while her aunt and grandma make lunch, but what fun would that be?


m said...

I think the size of the head is directly correlated to the age of the person. But, I can't explain Reidun's hair. What ever the reason behind it, it is awesome.

Arnold said...

That is a mad hairdo on Reidun. There is definitely something going on.