ooooo snuggle puppy of mine everything about you is especially fine

our bedroom window looks down on an alley. it is your average inner city alley filled with all sorts of mysterious smells and piles of debris. the only thing that sets this aley apart from other similiar alleys is that this one has a skateboard shop that backs onto it. so what right? wrong. you see this skateboard shop is really just a guise for what is starting to become a bring your own booze nightclub. well okay maybe that is just a polite way of saying that they party. alot. they are young and pierced and oblivious to those around them and right now as i write this there are at least 4 dozen of them drunk and cavorting one floor down from my window. it is thursday

now i realize that most of them don't have jobs and those that do work as indifferent servers in dirty funky food establishments and are too self important to think about things like weeknights. but it is thursday. i feel angry at the noise and the disrespect to the entire building of people with whom they are disturbing. it is almost midnight. it is thursday ( did i mention that?). so i think i am going to do the only thing one can in such a circumstance...now where did i leave those waterballoons?

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