little fish little fish swimming in the sea

sorry that i haven't been around much, mostly just relaxing and doing not alot of anything which is always nice, especially when there are trees outside your window to stare at while you do nothing.

today we did something though and that was go swimming at the rec centre. cohen loved it, hmmm maybe i should say LOVED it and so it was a lot of fun being with him while he kicked his arms and legs and laughed and occasionally swallowed some water but mostly just had fun. i will definately take him again in vancouver, i just have to find one that has a preschooler pool that is a little warmer and we will be set (know of any?).

i, of course, took some pictures and will share them here. unfortunately the lighting was somewhat low which makes for poor focus often and so they aren't fantastic but they will suffice.

the best part was afterwards he was all flush faced and glowing and of course incredibly tired. it reminded me of when i was a kid and we would swim for an hour and then be so tired and hungry and satisfied all at the same time. i like to think of cohen like that. he is still sleeping here beside me now, dreaming of swimming pools and rivers of milk.

tonight we are going to the drive in (yes apparently they still have one) to see world trade centre. it was a beautiful day and will, i suspect, be a beautiful night so if the movie is no good we will at least have the stars.

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m said...

He looks so happy!