it doesn't always turn out like it should, but i do it anyway

let me start by saying thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. your words meant a lot to me and were nice to come home and find. i appreciate that it isn't always easy to find the words for a thing like that, thank you for them.

our weekend was great. it wasn't perfect camping but it is april, so it comes with the territory. it only rained as we slept and the tent didn't leak, so i think that means it was a success. we sat in front of the fire under a canopy of trees and ate smokies roasted on the flame and two bite brownies (opting for the simple non-gourmet meal to make our last minute prep effortless), cohen safely nestled in our arms fast asleep. as we slept closely together in the tent he would alternate between us, nuzzling into that space between our arm and torso, his head lying heavy for the warmth. in the morning it was wet but the showers had stopped so we packed up as the sun came out from the clouds.

our afternoon was spent at home napping together. when we awoke, sometime after 6, the sun was shining and the sky a brilliant shade of blue, so we decided to take the car out one last time, and off to the beach we went. despite living in vancouver, so close to so many beaches, we don't get to one very often. cohen loved being at the waters edge and standing in the sand, and i loved feeling the warmth of the late afternoon sun on my face.

our day ended with fresh pasta from granville island and some birthday cake, this year we chose a decadent chocolate cake from the granville island bakery, it wasn't a mistake.

i feel a little hazy tonight. i am not sure if it is just post camping fatigue or the start of a cold, but i will hope for the former and crawl into bed now with a book. tomorrow we will talk about parks and baths and other fun things.

here are some of the pictures from the weekend.


Dave Richards said...

Wow!! That sounds really cool. I am sure Cohen had a ball of a time, camping out in the rain and sun. The photographs are so beautiful!!Would love to come back for more on your trip.:)

Tara said...

sounds like the perfect weekend. Im glad peace found you and you were able to enjoy.

Trish said...

It looks like so much fun... we're in the process of picking out a new tent now (as ours are all lightweight backpacking ones and Duncan takes up a lot of space in his sleep). It's so exciting, we're opening up a new door to adventure! I might email to ask for tips...