the great escape

this is cohen's latest and greatest trick, scaling the walls of casa de cohen. thankfully, until now, we have had the good sense to keep all items that are climbable along the back wall (and yes he did manage to get up there on his own, impressively he got himself down as well...i expected some belly aching, but there was none) thereby foiling his plans. the exception to that would be the round tub that holds his giant sized lego pieces which today he managed to pick up and carry to the front wall, then turn over, and promptly climb upon. i turned to find him leaning over the fence, his torso teetering on the edge, ready to hoist himself over.

steve mcqueen would be proud.

in other news, are you going to marita's book launch tomorrow night? i am quite certain that the five of you who read my blog also read hers, but in case there is someone who doesn't, you should go. it is where the cool people are going to be and you want to be cool, don't you?


Tara said...

First I love your taste... Those number cards are just adorable and fit your home perfectly. Im jealous of your eye for design!

Secondly, boy that little guy of yours is going to give you a run for your money. Invest in some elbow and knee pads, although it seems a little pain is nothing for your little guy

Kleja said...

most of the time I want to be cool, until it encroaches on my comfort zone and then I just want to stay home :)

I wish I could go to Marita's book launch because that would mean that I would get to hang out with all of you over there in Van.

Cohen looks to be a bit of dare devil explorer type, shall I have Richard hook you up with all the sick trails on the North shore?
He'll be the cutest one out there :)

m said...

More and more, I think you're right, that Cohen and Atticus are opposites. I don't think it would even occur to Atticus to try to escape. He even sleeps with the side of his crib half-down. When he wakes, he'll stand up, but never try to get over. I have a strong feeling that Cohen wouldn't let such an opportunity slide.

Thanks for the shout-out about the reading. I, too, wish Klay could come!