i'm gonna wash those blues away

generally i update the blog at night after cohen has gone to sleep. it is the time of the day that is solely mine to do with it what i will. often it involves loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking down the garbage or recycling, folding laundry...well you get the picture, but in addition to all that there are long baths, and magazine reading, and of course, blog writing. however, about a week ago i decided that it was time to do some cleaning around here, not just the put the laundry in the bucket kind of cleaning but CLEANING cleaning. like many people i imagine, i have these fits every now and again where i need some sort of order to my world. i think in this case it is a direct result of me going back to work soon and longing for a house where everything has a place, so that everything will be in it's place and i won't have to spend any of my precious cohen time cleaning. i know that is foolish and about as likely as me managing to cook a meal for us everynight when i am back at work, but can't a girl long for something?

so this bout of cleaning started with repotting the plants and moving them around and progressed from there to a state where everything was pulled off shelves and furniture was rearranged and then rearranged again (sweat pouring off my temple as cohen stared at me with confusion). in the cleaning process i managed to create a mess the likes of which this apartment has never seen (and incidentally the furniture went back to it's original position after all).

eventually after much rummaging and eliminating, a trip to ikea for storage boxes with lids and some dusting, i have come to a place where the living room is now not only completely organized but 100% baby proof as well (ok so i still have to tether the shelves, but everything else is out of reach, so almost 100%). so that is my excuse for not coming here and updating, that and the wonderful weather we have been having which has seen me outside more than in during the day.

tomorrow i tackle the bedroom closet, wish me luck.


Tara said...

I love this type of cleaning, this"spring" cleaning for me turned out to be our spring move, so things got gone through before being packed away and I still gave the apartment a once over with buckets of water and method cleaners. Im counting down the days for our move, and thankful that our new place just got the carpets shampooed and a fresh coat of paint.
The local thrift store received lots of great items from me, I can't imagine where it all came from...

juno said...

thank you for your wonderful photos of little E. It was great to see you and your precious little guy at Atticus's party.

happy cleaning!