for a good life we might just have to weaken

what a great day. i never left the house, not even to check the mail. it has been weeks since i have managed to do that, but today was miserable and rainy. inside was the place to be.

tomorrow morning i am off to the dentist for my six month check up. since obtaining a job that covers the expense of such things i go like clockwork with little apprehension. having knocked out my front tooth as a child, an event which resulted in numerous repairs and then finally, when i stopped growing, a crown (which has since had to be replaced), i am not a big fan of the place, but i don't fear it the way some do. i am a little worried about tomorrow though. you see, i only have one cavity in my mouth and i obtained it years ago, but six months ago when i was in for a visit there was a blip that looked like the beginning of a cavity on the x-ray, so i was sternly warned that i needed to floss twice a day or the next time i am in i will surely need a filling.

it is not the filling that has me anxious. it is all the disappointment in the room when they ask if i have been flossing regularly. not that they need to ask, my gums are weak, they don't put up much of a fight with all of the poking and prodding. what i am saying is that they are going to know and they are going to give me the look of shame and my heart is going to sink. i could mumble something about having had a baby and it being a good day when i actually get a chance to shower, that flossing just didn't fit into the plan, but it would be a lie (although the shower thing is true). the fact of the matter is that i don't like to floss and i am lazy in the oral hygiene department. so i will take my shame and swallow it, perhaps this filling will stand as a stern reminder to take better care, but i doubt it. or perhaps i will beat all odds and not have a filling after all? they say miracles happen everyday, maybe tomorrow will be mine.


Jennica said...

I just have a feeling you won't have a cavity. Yet.

T, don't worry. I'm convinced that 99% of us don't floss.

I'm at the point where I don't even really pretend to be ashamed anymore. Just act like you really couldn't give a rat's ass what the dental hygienist thinks! (Oh, 'cause SHE's made such great life decisions...)

Trish said...

I hate hate hate flossing. I can't even watch Cory floss because it gives me shivers... but I do it one a day anyways because we've no dental coverage and I'm cheap.

When Duncan was born and my mom was visiting she told me that if I did nothing else each day I should shower. I took her literally and did nothing else on many days!

t said...

jennica - i like how you think! i did have the cavity, a small one, but one none the less. we will fill it in may. on the plus side, there was no shame giving, in fact the word floss never even came up. that is a miracle compromise i am willing to except.

trish - i also heard that about showering and how important it was to make sure you did it, i tried, oh how i tried, and most days succeeded but not everyday. i was too wrapped up in the other adage about napping when the baby naps! ;)