rubber ducky you're the one

cohen has graduated to the big tub now. it isn't the best tub for little people, it is much too deep and the edges too rounded and slippery, but he seems to have figured it out. much like the baths he would take in the double sink in the kitchen, or the swims in the pool, he loves to hang out in there splashing and singing. i have started putting him in sometime in the afternoon. i bring my laptop and a stool into the bathroom, usually opting to start a movie or tv show to occupy me while i keep an eye on him as he plays. some days it is only 20 minutes and sometimes closer to an hour. it doesn't matter how long though, he always pitches a fit when it is time to get out. he has mastered the trick of sticking your arms straight in the air so that when he is wet and slippery it is almost impossible to get a good enough grip to get him out. this means that i have to resort to a a variation of a full nelson with his head tilted slightly down towards the floor, my arm between his legs. he flails and screams and then, when we get into the bedroom and i swing him up and he lands with a bounce on the bed, a fit of laughter. i am going to miss all this. this endless amount of time that opens up for us each day. just him and me and whatever we choose; long baths and sunny day walks, watching cartoons while eating crackers and playing peek a boo on the floor. i wish it didn't have to change.

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juno said...

t, thanks so much for the little sandals for E. I got them from Marita today..

that removal from the tub is hysterical..they can be so slippery - like that scene in pretty woman where Julia Roberts is trying to eat an escargot and she ends up flinging it across the room. Don't know why i just thought of that..ah well, it made sense in my mind..