10 months

i had high hopes. today i was going to take a great picture of cohen to mark the month. i haven't been taking very many of him lately, so i thought this would be a good excuse (honest, i haven't, that wasn't sarcasm). turns out that time, once again, got away from me and as the hours wore on the pictures never happened. grandma was over visiting today and we were out and about. tonight, in an attempt to make up for it i tried to take something decent, and instead ended up with a reel of out takes. in the spirit of the occasion and considering i rarely post lemons on the site, i thought i would amuse us all with some bad pictures of cohen.

i may write something sappy about the ten months day tomorrow, but probably not. if you have been following my words here at all, it is already clear what this time has meant to me, you don't need me to keep saying it.

without further adieu...

here he is falling asleep on the job

looking the part of a smarmy british schoolboy (seriously, you can here the high pitched voice this child would belt out in a british accent, can't you?)

imitating the troll that lives under the bridge

and two of a series i like to call "mmmmm tasty"

happy month day to you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara.

Happy 10 months, Cohen.

The troll picture is now my wallpaper on my work computer, and garnering raves and laughter all around.

hopefully see you in the hood soon.


t said...

hi paul!

thanks for the laugh. i received an email from leanne today indicating that you had shown her a photo of cohen and that she thought he was cute. i of course immediately thought of these less than flattering pictures and how they would fit quite nicely with your sense of humour. i can imagine the pause and the hesitant "oh, wow, he is really cute?" that she might have uttered upon seeing your desktop.

glad to know he is there keeping you company. if not in the hood then back at my desk in a little over a month...sigh.