bracing for the fall

we were at the mall today, mostly just window shopping and picking up a couple of things we needed. at one point cohen pitched a bit of a fit, not uncommon at all the last couple of days, so i took him out of the stroller and carried him until doing so became physically impossible (i am only human after all). when i placed him back in his stroller he naturally had some hesitation about it and started kicking wildly, so i opted to not fasten him in right away and let him calm himself a little first (you all see where this is going).

as we are on our way to the bus i see a cute dress in the front of a store. i go in for a closer look. he seemed content for the moment so i took it to try on, knowing i wouldn't buy it, but curious all the same. we are in the fitting room now and i have it on but it is the variety of fitting room that requires you to leave the room to see yourself (annoying) and so i do. i am only one step outside the concrete floored room when i hear a thud. i brace for some screaming, but none followed and so i looked back and there he was on all fours looking back at me with the proudest smile. he had hurled himself out of the stroller onto the concrete face first, landed hard on his hands and knees and didn't even flinch. instead he promptly stood up against the stroller and started pushing it slowly, laughing.

i swear if he could talk he would have asked to go back in so that he could do it again, it was just that fun.


m said...

Oh my. Well, I guess you should start saving now for all the extreme sports he'll be trying.

Tara said...

You should have treated yourself to the dress after that very scary moment!!! Glad he is ok and didnt get hurt!!.

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

Is a helmet in order? I saw one by Jolly Jumper...been thinking of getting one for Mathias. Nick is always so fearful of Mathias bumping his head, due to the many concussions he suffered. Haven't found it anywhere yet though.

Juno Ruddell said...


that kid is so sturdy!