weekend roundup

this is a rabbit, or a bunny if you like. you can tell this by the floppy ears...right? ok, it might be somewhat ambigious what variety of animal it is exactly, so i am telling you, it is an easter bunny. he has no name, although "rabbit" was thrown around. i figure i might as well start naming things what they are, simple is the new complex after all. rabbit represents all of the chocolate and marshmallowy goodness that awaits cohen in future years, however, this year crinkly ears will have to suffice.

so if cohen got rabbit, then what did i get? a saturday night out with two of my favourite people, aaron and nicole. there were nachos and beers on a patio with people gawking, then movie theatre watching (blades of glory, which was incredibly cry with laughter hilarious...although maybe that is the beer talking) and finally new apartment lounging, complete with dark chocolate and berry compote covered raspberry sorbet eating and dvd watching. there is something incredibly cathartic about visiting with them for me. a place outside of myself. when i am there i feel like the old t. now don't get me wrong i love this new life, the one with the husband and baby, but it is still nice to visit the old one, even just to say a quick "hi, how are you". i am lucky to have such a place to recharge my batteries every once in a while.

the rest of the weekend was spent sleeping in (well sort of), sipping coffee on sidewalks, walking and swinging on swings, then visiting with grandma (cohen's, not mine, unfortunately that isn't possible anymore) and eating a decadent fondue spread together that consisted of much marinated meat and vegetable tempura, followed by many fruits dipped in melted chocolate with amaretto for good measure. there was a delicious bottle of wine and good conversation and then a good night.

today was all about being lazy. napping and relaxing and more coffee drinking. we were supposed to go out with my brother to the park this afternoon but the weather wasn't co-operating and so collectively it was decided that frolicking is best left for another, much sunnier, time. it is just as well as cohen moaned a lot today, i suspect another tooth although there were sniffles in his nose last night and some heat on his temple, whatever it is it left him on the wrong side of happy for much of the day. it still wasn't enough to throw me off though, it was a great weekend even without chocolate rabbits and eggs. i am just glad for any occasion that finds all three of us home together for four days in a row, it should be like this every week.


m said...

When I first saw Rabbit, I thought, "Jules!". I think his name should be Jules. I don't know why, I just do.

Sounds like a perfect weekend: fondue, nachos, beer, wine, yum yum yum!

Tara said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend
I answered your post over at my blog =)

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

It really is wonderful to spend so many days with husband and baby. I wish it was like that all the time too. Though I only got three and a half as I flew in from Montreal on Friday. But is was wonderful to come home to Nick and spend three fairly relaxing days together. Fondue sounds good....I think I should do that again sometime...though we do the cheese kind with bread and veggies.

t said...

jules sounds like a deliciously 80's name for the striped thumper, thanks for the moniker m.

mathias's mom (and i really need to know your name) did you have fun in montreal? i will wonder to your blog next. we do cheese fondue too...mmmmm cheese. maybe for the next christian holiday.