talk about the things you can't explain

being a parent to a baby comes with all sorts of mystery, particularly as they approach the age where they know what they want, but don't yet know how to ask for it (well not with words anyway). these days communication is so close we can taste it, yet far enough away to keep at least me completely in the dark. more and more i find myself wondering just what it is he is thinking, or better yet saying? there is often arm waving and seriousness of tone, sometimes even a stern look as if to say "don't you understand?", but i don't.

this morning i awoke to the sound of laughter. not just an idle chuckle but out and out belly rolling laughter. i was perplexed, where is that coming from? when i came out of my sleepy stupor i quickly realized that it was cohen, so i sat up and looked over to the crib. there i saw him fast asleep (or so it seemed) in the throws of hysterical laughter, his mouth actually opening with each chuckle, a grin from ear to ear. it went on for almost two minutes before i couldn't stand it anymore, and i too started to laugh. this of course woke him up with a startled look on his face, "why are you laughing mom, don't you know how early it is?". once again i was faced with the nagging question, what? in this case, is so funny or were you dreaming about.

he loves to talk almost without end, so i know that once he can form the words, there will be no stopping him. perhaps i should just cherish this time when i am asking the questions, soon i am sure the asking will be all on his side. i wonder if he will mind if i just speak gibberish at the top of my lungs, my arms flailing in response?

here is a video of him giving himself a firm talking to. if there are any baby translators out there, i am all ears!

**update** this morning i put on the video for him to watch himself, and he was completely enthralled, actually talking back in what sounded like the same screeches. now i am slightly concerned that he thinks there are several clones of him around (in the computer, in the window, mirror etc) and that only they speak his language. maybe he is secretly planning a revolution? thank goodness there is really only one of him, or we could have had an uprising on our hands.


Mathias (and my entourage) said...

Mathias and I were totally enthralled with what Cohen was saying. Mathias especially was concentrating and seemed to be listening with intent...but unfortuneately he did not translate for me. Good luck with the communication. Have you thought of baby sign language? http://mimicbaby.com/homepage.shtml might give you a thought.

t said...

marita and i actually took an eight week sign language course a few months ago. i was somewhat interested in the idea, but completely faltered on the follow through. the key to success was consistency and my consistency was inconsistent at best. are you doing it?

laish said...

oh my god, that was priceless! watching that gave me the best full belly laugh I've had in a while. what a character! I'm sure he will have lots of indecipherable advice for his new little cousin when the time comes.

Mathias (and my entourage) said...

Not yet, we still have to watch the DVD. But they say it is never too late, we're planning on it...as soon as we get the time to watch it.

Kleja said...

Watching that video is better than Zoloft.