i'm trying not to wonder where you are

i am starting to think that the better things are going in my life the more i blog. it is when life is organized, the house resembles something close to clean and my pajama's are fresh that i am most likely to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and write a post. lately the house has been a shamble, christmas cards and letters and crafts strewn from wall to wall, and the laundry, the bedroom and bathroom have been left undone. so at night instead of sitting here writing this i have gone to bed or watched tv (just started brothers and sisters and find myself wondering why i need another show that makes me cry every episode...still i watch with glee) and neglected the blog. oh well.

so marko is done his course now. i don't think i talked about that here, did i? he is taking a course to become certified in project management. it comes in three installments with this last one being the first. the next two are done online though so those will be an easier cross to bear. this time found him in class three nights a week and on saturdays. plus, the nights he didn't work there was homework and studying looming over his head. now he is mine again and it is wonderful.

saturday morning we all slept in together and then upon waking decided to play with the camera a little. it was a lot of fun and i know that cohen loved having both his parents hanging out with him at the same time. we went out for a late breakfast and then for a walk and a coffee. it had been too long.

this week's photo class was the best so far. she went through a lot of interesting photoshop stuff that i didn't know and i felt as though i learned some very usable knowledge. our assignment that we were asked to bring in was a joiner. i had never heard of one before but it is sort of like cubism for photographers. the guys who is most closely associated with it is david hockney. well i had grand ideas. first it was a scrabble board, a clever play on words was the plan. but that didn't work out. then it was cohen, maybe i could show his many sides, but the end result there didn't make my heart sing so in to the trash it went. come saturday night i realized that i needed a simpler subject. this was my first attempt and first attempts are rarely the best place for ambition. so i took a picture of pears, or many pears i suppose and put them together. it actually turned out alright i thought and seemed to garner much approval in class (but of course everyone noticed the chunk of food on the front of the cutting board...how did i not see it? as you can see i have still been too lazy to remove it, let there be chunks god damn it). in any case it was fun to play around a little. i still want to do one with the scrabble board, if for no other reason than to prove it didn't beat me.

i have been listening to the weakerthans tonight and it has been a little like running in to an old friend, one that you couldn't get enough of at one time, in the grocery store and not having it be awkward at all. in fact it is like taking that old friend out for drinks and laughing the whole night. why did i stop listening to them? left and leaving is such a great song, well so says me...and i am pretty much the leading authority on all things music. ok, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got your man back...Ok so how in the world do you look so beautiful in the morning? You have such flawless skin!! Im jealous

Love the pictures and the pears!! (I noticed the chuck too =x ) I'll have to check out the tunes, never heard of them

t said...

the weakerthans are a relatively obscure canadian band from winnipeg, so for an american they might as well be invisible. don't be surprised if they aren't your thing though, although i am not sure what your thing is. for me there is something oddly comforting about them. memories of a time and a place i suppose.

you may notice that in the pear picture on flickr the food has been removed so all is well ;)

Butterfly said...

Clearly the sleep deprivation wiped you clean of all ability to spot the chunk o' food...I also didn't see it.

waaaah :(

I need a good night of sleep.

nicole said...

I love love love these pictures...They are so great in that first thing in the morning, p.j's on and coffee brewing, toast toasting and happily messy hair way...what do you think of friday night??

trish said...

You guys look great in these pictures. I don't know why but we seem to be able to take great ones of D, but as soon as one of us is in the frame it all goes downhill...

and I love the weakerthans... They've been my favourite band for years now.

a-one said...

ahh, yes the sounds of places in relation to where weaker than we've been - you rock sistah!

Anonymous said...

I found them on myspace and actually found my self bouncing along with it. I like all music so I adapt well. I didnt notice the removed pear chip.. I will have to go check it out.

whats up for next weeks class?

laisha said...

You know what? When I wrote my last comment on being able to see this whole montage of Silvija's time with you like a short film, the soundtrack I had in mind was Left & Leaving & I almost included that in my post but thought that might be way too cheesey. Turns out there was some kind of wavelength thing happening, cheesey in all the best ways.

Arnold said...

Cohen's gonna have rad baby pics to look back on when he's older. Good use of the camera guys. They're all good on this blog.