happy holidays from our house to yours!

normally at christmas i get quite crafty and normally it can yield some fairly decent results but this year, much like my baking, the whole thing has been a wash up. save for one or two things i was sort of proud of, my crafty ambitions became a sea of broken dreams. so much so that i am scared to even go look at klay's blog for fear that she has posted all her crafty goodness, i think it would make me cry. rest assured though when i need inspiration to continue fighting the handmade fight i will venture over for some inspiration.

for now i have put away the sewing machine, the glue stick (and glue gun), the stack of papers and yarn. i have dusted and vacuumed and scrubbed. i have wrapped and shopped and prepared and so now, now i will do nothing but sit here with my baileys and make pretend crafts on the computer to validate my existence. care to join me?

together we can

make our own snowman
make a flake (not what you are thinking although that would also be a pretty good time i think)
and if you are sick of the whole christmas thing then maybe it is time for you to kick santa's ass.

happy holidays everyone! i'll be back next week with some crazy stories (even if i have to make them up!) and of course more photos.


Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint but I have been such a craft failure this Christmas it's not even funny. I put all my energy into having a dinner party and my one big craft endeavour turned into a craft alien and I had to abandon it.
So enjoy your days free of the clicking sewing machine and the 'dries to fast' glue stick and have a drink for me :)
I'm sure we'll both be back on the craft horse in no time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually all that crafty, so I think I inadvertently stole your craft mojo this past month. That said, I'm absolutely in love with what you made us. It's beautiful. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I can't control myself, I am officially addicted to kicking Santa's ass.