procrastinating with youtube

want to join me. i warn you, once you get started you may never stop. today was all about the eighties and television. i am trying my best to avoid the movies, there may just be no stopping me otherwise.

this is guaranteed to make you laugh and be glad that the eighties are over, and who knew that the facts of life had such racey themes. (and yeah that is helen hunt, how about that?). is it just me or does blare remind you of faith hill?

now how about theme songs from my favourite shows? ready to take a jaunt down memory lane?

mine were:
i get by with a little help from my friends.
together we're gonna find our way...that one always reminds me of aaron, ahhh memories.
nothing's gonna stop me now.
just try and get this one out of your head!

there were others of course but i should actually go be productive for ten minutes. so tell me what were your favourites?


laisha said...

That was so fun! I'm always ready for nostalgia. Who knew Facts of Life was so racey - & that Punky Brewster was so bad?! I remember it being very cool. My favourites, hands down, are:

The Facts of Life theme, because there really ain't no nothing we can't love each other through:

and The Greatest American Hero:
Believe it or not, I'm walking on air, I never thought I could be so free-ee-ee! (I still belt this out on road trips, as Aaron can attest.)

Kleja said...

I LOVE the great american hero theme song and I'm not too shy to say that I know all the words to the facts of life theme too....Don't forget about the time Tootie was almost kidnapped by a hooker and her pimp, I'm sure there was more than just pot involved in that story line :) And who could go down the 80's TV memory lane without this one..

Thank you for taking us on this trip and no bong required!

Kleja said...

Sorry I meant "Greatest" I just got too excited typing that comment.

Kleja said...

I'm sorry I have to add one more..

laisha said...

oh, & I meant the FAMILY TIES theme, not Facts of Life. Mall-o-ry! K & I are just getting to excited about this post to write proper comments!

nicole said...

ok, you've started something really bad here! i had to horrify you with two of my not as well-loved favourite shows of the time:




Anonymous said...

Oh girl what are you trying to do to us??? How in the world can I be productive in life if I have now know that I can watch every episode of the facts of life on Utube... good thing I cleaned the house today, tomorrow I will park my arse on this chair and enjoy memory lane..

t said...

ha ha you guys are on fire. bonus points to kleja for the degrassi, shame on me for not remembering...there always must be canadian content. i loved that show, especially the one where they had to look after the egg, the first boy i ever kissed looked just like joey jeremiah, hat and all...sigh.

nicole, i loved my two dads! and small wonder...well i only know that one from you but i still find it fascinating none the less.

laisha i know the theme song but never remember seeing the show for hero and family ties....ahhh family ties, the worst theme song ever! ha

you guys can sure deliver!

t said...

i wonder if given time aaron would have come up with this one?


i can't believe i forgot

a-one said...

oh yeah! and whataboot this one?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6uvZ2t7Vm8 its slightly pre-80's but did run through to 1983 - squiggy!

Anonymous said...

Ok here are a few of my favs...




You know you watched this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=453qzr5pCKM